PhD conference

The annual conference of Biochemistry and Bioanalytical Chemistry PhD programes will be held on Thursday May 30th 2024 in the B11/306 and B11/335 lecture halls and in the adjacent corridor at University Campus Bohunice.


General outline

The PhD conference will consist of oral presentations (15 min) given by students in the 4th year of their studies, oral progress reports (8 min) by students in higher years and poster presentations given by others. All PhD students have to prepare and present their work onsite. The exception applies only to students with long-term research internships abroad.

Students who have prepared a poster for another scientific conference in 20232024 can also present this poster at the PhD conference.

The conference abstract book will be prepared and electronically distributed to all students and supervisors a few days prior to the conference. It will contain abstracts of all oral and poster presentations.

If you have any questions about the doctoral conference, please don't hesitate to contact the guarantors of the doctoral study programmes.

prof. RNDr. Igor Kučera, DrSc.

Biochemistry guarantor

telefon: 549 49 5392

prof. RNDr. Zdeněk Glatz, CSc.

Bioanalytical chemistry guarantor

telefon: 549 49 3957


Before the conference

PhD students must prepare abstracts for oral and poster presentations and submit them before May 15th 2024. The official language of the conference is English.

  • Introduction and background of the topic
  • Central hypothesis and objectives of the study
  • Description of methods and approaches, experimental design
  • Results (depending on the progress of the student’s work). The students in the 1st year can outline what the expected results are
  • Conclusions (one sentence summarizing the work)

The advanced students with more than one completed project can decide whether to present just one project (a standard conference presentation) or a summary of all projects they have been working on. The student has to be the first author of the presentation.


All presenters are requested to upload their presentations (*.pptx, *.pdf format) or posters (*.pdf format) electronically by 8:00 a.m. on May 30th, 2024. These files will not be shared publicly except for the purpose of the student’s oral presentation during the conference. Each student should shortly describe his/her contribution to the presented data (one slide at the end of the oral presentation or a short paragraph on the poster).

General note: creativity but proper scientific merit and quality are encouraged!


During the Conference


Posters will be presented in printed form. The posters should be printed in a regular format (A0 or similar). Posters could be printed at publicly available printing services – for example, Copy Centrum Brno or Copy Centrum.

Students will display their posters in a corridor by 8:45 a.m. Posters should be displayed at the designated holder according to the Abstract book.

Posters will be displayed throughout the whole day. Presenting students have to be available for discussion during the poster session. Participants are encouraged to visit posters during the day, including coffee and lunch breaks. Posters can be removed after 3:00 p.m.


Supervisors are expected to attend the oral/poster session with students. Members of PhD boards will attend both the oral and poster sessions and will discuss with students and supervisors.


Every student will be tasked to select the best poster. Scorings will be collected online and used for the selection of the Best Poster Award. (Detailed instruction on evaluation will be provided in the conference Abstract book)

Evaluation criteria:

  • Scientific quality
  • Clarity and comprehensibility of the text employed in the poster
  • Appearance and readability of the poster
  • Presentation skills and capacity to answer questions

The daily program will be closed by announcing the best oral and poster presentations in lecture hall B11/306.

Best presentations and posters will be awarded by the “Award of the Director of Department of Biochemistry“, which is accompanied by an extra scholarship.



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