doc. Velebný received an honorary medal

The dean of the Faculty of Science honoured several influential figures at the faculty, including our graduate doc. Velebný.

24 Nov 2021

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Last Friday the Dean of the Faculty of Science MU Tomáš Kašparovský gave 36 honorary medals to figures who had a great impact on our faculty in the last ten years,

The ceremony took place in the Mendel Refectory in the spirit of Struggle for Freedom and Democracy Day and International Students' Day on the 19th of November. The event was initially planned for the 100. jubilee of the Faculty of Science but was delayed due to the pandemic.

Among the honoured was also a graduate of our department doc. Vladimír Velebný. doc. Velebný finished his studies in biochemistry in the year 1972. Currently, he is the owner and CEO of the biotechnological company Contipro, which specialises in hyaluronic acid production for both cosmetics and medicine. The company belongs to the top three in the hyaluronic acid field and is exporting its goods to over 70 countries in the world. You can meet doc. Velebný in biochemical and microbiological seminars at our faculty or directly in Contipro during your biotechnological diploma thesis.

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