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Open days at Department of Biochemistry

10 reasons to study at Faculty of Science and Department of Biochemistry!

“I could never answer the question whether I prefer biology or chemistry, because both of them are my favourite subjects. That's why biochemistry seemed the ideal combination of both.”

Mgr. Daniel Pokorný Mgr. Daniel Pokorný
Biochemistry graduate

General information for applicants at the university website

For Applicants

1. Study of STEM fields is perspective on the job market

The Faculty of Science at Masaryk University prepares students for their future careers as scientists, high school teachers or industry experts capable of independent experimental and laboratory work.

The Department of Biochemistry offers several programmes with wide applications in the fields of biochemistry, biotechnology, bioanalytical chemistry and others. Our graduates work both in public research institutes and in private companies.

2. We offer countless of bachelor and master degree programmes from the fields of biology, biochemistry, physics, geology, chemistry and math

The Faculty of Science offers:

  • 20 Bachelor's studies
  • 36 Follow-up master's studies
  • 19 Doctoral studies

At the Department of Biochemistry you can study the Bachelor degree programme Biochemistry, then three Master degree programmes; Biochemistry, Biotechnology and Bioanalytical Laboratory Diagnostics in Medicine – Bioanalytic. And also two doctoral degree programmes; Biochemistry and Bioanalytical chemistry.

3. You have a great chance to succeed at entrance exams

Because we realize we have limited means to recognize skills of applicants, admission requirements are not that tough. You can try out sample entrance exams and you can also check out the results of admissions in past years.

Also, students from Slovakia are offered entrance exams in Bratislava.

With great grades and extra-curricular activities in high school, you can get a chance to skip the entrance exams altogether. More information is below.

4. Waiver of the entrance exam is possible for several reasons

Every programme is different but generally, these criteria may apply:

  • excellent grades in high school
  • results of SCIO national exams
  • attending high-school olympiads
  • students' professional activities (SPA)
  • attending selected educational courses

More information about admission procedure is on the website of Faculty of Science.

5. Both educational and research facilities of our faculty are state of the art

We offer excellently equipped seminar rooms, libraries and laboratories.

Check the virtual tour of the University Campus Bohunice.

6. We offer direct contact with the research and professional experience during your studiesabízíme přímý kontakt s výzkumem a profesní praxí v průběhu studia

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The possibilities for students to get involved in research projects at our faculty are basically unlimited. There are countless ongoing research activities across the faculty from our international teams and you only need to pick one of them.

Students with a focus on education can also take advantage of extended means of gaining experience at high schools or different extracurricular activities. 

7. You can work on your Diploma and Bachelor theses' with industry or private companies

Cooperation with the private sphere is welcomed and supported by the Faculty of Science. Our connections with the industry and private research companies help you 

The Biotechnology study programme at the Department of Biochemistry is aimed at preparing experts ready for independent work in the biotechnology field. Students are encouraged to work in private companies such as Contipro, GeneProof and others.

8. We support accessibility and students with Special Needs

All students with sensory or mobility impairments, psychological difficulties, chronic diseases or students with learning difficulties are supported.

More information is available at the website of Teiresiás centre.

9. To motivate students for excellent results we offer several types of scholarships

We award students for excellent study results, extraordinary research activities, but also for the representation of the faculty or for creative inventions.

10 reasons to study at MU

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